Welcome to FC Barcelona

This Website has been made by the FC Barcelona Fans.. Its not only for Barcelona Fans but has also been made for the Physics project.

The Website has been created by the Students of Manava Bharati India International School. :)

We are all here to make earth a better place.To do so we'll be specially working on Energy Conservation.

We'll also be helping our members to improve their Maths skills by working on Maths Aerobics.

We also have an special Programme for you all to improve your creativity By Scratch

Terrorism You hear this word in your Everyday life but have you ever thought of Fighting with it? How we can get rid of this? No? Its Okay but now you can and with us.

We know ending Terrorism is not at all easy but we can reduce it if we all work together.

To get rid of Terrorism we'll be working on a special programme Safe India

Our Group Members:

1. Bobby Ahuja
2. Anmol Trakru

Hope You'll Have Fun In Our Forums Discussion. :)

Thanks :)

Anmol Trakru & Bobby Ahuja

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