Safe India

Being a citizen of India we must join our hands to serve our country in all the way we can i.e. in terrorism,Global Warming etc…

On this page we will discuss about terrorism and how to cope with it.


We should not put our hands on hands and sit quiet we should raise our voices against it so that we could live in a peaceful society.

Observe this presentation and know how to cope with them
Step 1Read "Unrestricted Warfare," by Col. Qiao Liang and Col. Wang Xiangsui. This book scratches the surface of the War on Terrorism and the terrorist war against us. Understand that one of their main tactics is to scare the population into pressuring the government toward a certain policy.


Step 2Be vigilant against the terrorist threat. Terrorism takes planning and coordination. You may see people who look out of place around a symbolic landmark—one that many people frequent. Deal with these guys quickly by informing the police. Let law enforcement handle abandoned luggage and packages.


Step 3Deal with terrorism by being one step ahead of the threat. Try to anticipate what someone carrying terrorism out would do. Many buildings have no parking barricades marking a bomb blast zone around it. Frequent establishments with protective buffer zones if possible. Reserve a room above the first three floors, opposite the street, protecting yourself from the threat posed by the side effects of a bomb blast.


Step 4Change your travel route often. Kidnappers rely on people taking the same route. Look around your travel routes and know what cars and vehicles are normally there and which one's are out of place. Eliminate the threat by taking an alternate route.


Step 5Think about what you'd do if you witness an act of terrorism. Learn first aid if you anticipate helping people. Contemplate evacuation routes if you imagine a bomb going off in your train. Play out terrorism related scenarios, and plan how you'd deal with these scenarios.


Step 6Reduce the threat of becoming a victim of terrorism by wearing neutral clothing. Shirts with your country's banner on it should stay back home when you travel overseas. Westerners are targets for people carrying terrorism out.

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