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Nower days social networking is a common thing in a kid's life. SO my point of discussion is that whether parents allow their kids to surf these social networking sites?

It's a new generation where children are more addicted to gadgets and gizmos. They are not satisfied with what they have got and what more and more of new and advanced gadgets. Nower days all the children want only one think i.e. Cell Phones, so my question arises that so parents give them what they want or should tell the disadvantages of what they will head under if they are using a mobile phone.

Hey! that's true music makes up our mind, it helps in refreshing our mind, its is a good source of entertainment as it does not harm our eyes and relaxes our mind and body. But as my friend suggested we should not hear non-stop it for 3-4hrs as it can damage our ears. Yes that's true if we want to listen to them in low volume and hence preventing your ears from damaging.
Anmol Trakru

Re: Discussion | Music | Tips | by anmolanmol, 11 Jan 2010 15:05

Hello Everyone
Everyone listens Music and it is good also to listen.
But most of the Children nowadays listen Nonstop Music for 3-4 hours a day.
This is not good for our Ears.We should listen music for a limited time.
Hard Rock could be more harmful for our Ears.
Using Headphones could also be more harmul.
We should listen only in normal volume.


Discussion | Music | Tips | by BobbyAhujaBobbyAhuja, 09 Jan 2010 11:41

Can someone help me out is teacher's cooperation necessary or not.How could it help in making a students life?
Please someone help me out.

Thank you bobby i think i will do as directed by you.

1.Yes we should also play in winters but to a limit as we're very easily hurt in winters so it should be in a limit and not in any kind of a harsh way.
2.If we will not do so we'll lose our fitness and i think feel more of cold because sports keeps us warm.


Bobby Ahuja

Is it important to play any sport or exercise during these chilly days?
What if we don't do them all the winters?
Please give me some ideas for my query.

Anmol Trakru

By the above statement I wanted to state that this event would light up the spirit of playing games so by this Delhi would be enough popular all over the world .

Re: Discussion | Sports | by anmolanmol, 01 Jan 2010 08:38

Yes friend it will be a shameful event for India .But the international committee decides what games should be their be in CWG 2010. We can't help it but our games department should improve on the development of gaming events

I Think games are more addicted in a person's life rather than movies.But games if educational and in which brain use age is more is equivalent to the movies which have morals.
Directors and producers spent too much on a movie to let a person know what the outer world is and how it could be in future.

Re: Games or Movies? by anmolanmol, 01 Jan 2010 08:25

Hello everyone

Well today most of the people are engaged in Gaming and some are in Movies.
What do you think what is better and why?

Games are bit interesting and if complicated it makes your mind work faster which can even later on help you in studies.

Where as movies are something which is totally new to you and tells you about the world and nowadays the Graphics has improved alot in Movies.

Movies like 2012 and Avatar can not be compared with a game.The Graphics are superb but the money wasted on the movie could also be spent for the betterment of the society.
Why Directors and producers spent too much on a movie?

Bobby Ahuja

Games or Movies? by BobbyAhujaBobbyAhuja, 30 Dec 2009 05:27

This tells we'll face big problems in the Commonwealth games 2010.
Why we even enrolled India for hosting these Games when we know we aren't ready.

This is a very shameful thing for us.

It was surprising that it took them 23.3 overs to call off play because of dangerous conditions. On a Kotla pitch where the bounce varied from shin to shoulder in as short a spell as three deliveries, Sri Lanka had reason to be thankful that they got away with just two hits on the body that needed attention.

At around 11.20am, one length delivery from the debutant Sudeep Tyagi reared up to almost clear MS Dhoni behind the stumps. The Sri Lankan batsmen had had enough by then. Kumar Sangakkara, dismissed already, and Mahela Jayawardene, out because of a groin injury, were seen waving from outside the boundary, and lengthy discussions ensued.

Sunil Gavaskar didn't seem too pleased with what he saw during his pitch report. He described the uneven sprinkling of grass on the pitch as a "hair transplant" with bald patches. When the ball hit the grassy areas it seamed and bounced, from the bald patches it died along the ground. What made it difficult for the batsmen was that the lengths from where the ball behaved so drastically different were not too far apart from each other. The moisture didn't help either.

Full of action, the 23.3 overs featured a wicket first ball; a dropped catch first ball of the second over; blows on the elbow, shoulder, fingers; frenzied running; thick edges flying past third man; and wickets for Zaheer Khan, Tyagi and Harbhajan Singh. Dhoni, coming back from a two-match ban, was stupendous behind the stumps, getting his legs together for the shooters and reacting well to the lifters. Not one bye was conceded.

Zaheer got just enough seam movement to crash through the gap between Upul Tharanga's bat and pad first ball of the day. Ashish Nehra could have got Tillakaratne Dilshan with the first ball he bowled, but Suresh Raina failed to hold on to a high catch at cover-point. Perhaps Dilshan would have rather gotten out then going by the way he had to consistently drop his wrists out of the way of balls bouncing from just back of a length.

One such delivery from Nehra struck him just over the elbow guard. The way he came down, throwing his bat away immediately, it seemed a nasty blow. Dilshan got up, hit his first boundary off the 23rd ball faced, but couldn't last much longer. The ones staying low made it even tougher for him to negotiate the venomous ones.

Sanath Jayasuriya, 20 years and a day old in international cricket, fought it out despite blows on his elbow, shoulder and fingers. He played two exquisite cover-drives but was fortunate in coming back without a serious injury. In the third over of the innings, his elbow guard prevented severe damage when one lifted from just back of a length and followed him. Tyagi then showed him the vagaries of the bounce, hitting him in his shoulder in the 12th over. Four overs later, within three balls he had the batsman squatting and then nursing his finger.

Even after the players went off, it took the authorities - the umpires, the match referee, the captains, and the home association representatives - an hour and 10 minutes of debate before they officially abandoned the game.

Nice question but i don't think it will happen ever
If we'll have only educated ones where the Uneducated will go?
And corruption can't be ended so easily.
Corruption is something like Rusting on steel which never goes.


Thanks for your reply Anmol
You say that it can be Postoponed and still it would be popular?
In what way no good preparations still it would be good?

Please clearly say.

Re: Discussion | Sports | by BobbyAhujaBobbyAhuja, 28 Dec 2009 05:56

The uneducated ministers and ministers who have a criminal background destroy the peace and progress of the country.
What do you think we should do to stop these?
And what about the one who don't have a criminal background and are uneducated?

Give your views on this discussion.

First we will talk about HOCKEY:
Its an interesting game but the government is not taking it very seriously .
They don't give any importance to the girls hockey.Why would people take any interest in this game until the government will .

Second we talk about Choice between FOOTBALL or CRICKET
I think that football must be a better game than cricket as in football all the players are involved in physical activity most of the time rather than cricket as there are only 3 players active and other players just being lazy not being physically attentive.
That's why I choose for football

Third we will talk about "Will Commonwealth games be popular till 2010?"
By my point of view the commonwealth games will be enough popular but the speed of construction is going too slow. By this speed we may have to postpone or may have to cancel this big event. But as the question arises will commonwealth games be popular till 2010. My answer to this question would be yes.
So lets join hand together and pray that India may have a successful event.

Bobby ,by this you may come out with your questions .


Re: Discussion | Sports | by anmolanmol, 27 Dec 2009 14:28

Hello everyone
Discuss here about your favourite Sports and give your views about them.

Please i want you all to give your views about these:
1.Is Hockey not given importance at all or people are the only one not intrested?
2.What do you think football is better or Cricket?
3.Will Commonwealth Games 2010 will bring some change in the Indian Sports?

Bobby Ahuja

Discussion | Sports | by BobbyAhujaBobbyAhuja, 27 Dec 2009 06:02
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